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Thomas Ashton Institute for Risk and Regulatory Research

Hydrogen, CCSU, Oil and Gas Seminar

19 December 2019

The purpose of the sessions are to explore what the Health and Safety research needs are in the Energy sector, to hear about HSE and University of Manchester research capabilities in this field and explore what opportunities may exist to partner in research under the Thomas Ashton banner.

People attend a workshop

Novembers session focused on Hydrogen, CCSU and Oil and Gas (including asset integrity) and included presentations from colleagues from Ofgem. HSE and The University of Manchester.

A number of research questions were posed by the assembled group which are being evaluated for their potential to be taken forward as possible proposals. Suggestions focused around material integrity and long term performance in hydrogen environments, economic and business challenges to the long term use of hydrogen, and considerations of how to establish safe operational envelopes for networks with a wide range of heritage materials, joints and other constructions.

With the ideas in draft form, some work will be done to establish where existing work may already be answering the questions, or where the questions are not considered important by industry or regulators.  Once done, TAI will have a better view of where real research opportunities exist.

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