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Thomas Ashton Institute

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Teaching and Learning, including Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Accidents and outbreaks of occupational ill health occur in the workplace and lead to significant unplanned downtime, cost increases, and potential prosecution.

These stem from incomplete understanding of scientific, engineering, medical and social factors, leading to failure of systems in the workplace.

The Thomas Ashton Institute for Risk and Regulatory Research (TAI) brings together the University of Manchester and the Health and Safety Executive to deliver research, training and learning in national and global forums.

To ensure the Institute's research and expertise are widely shared, research programmes are being established alongside the development of training modules and tools for leaders in Health and Safety.

Students will be challenged to identify and evaluate methods to minimise risk in the workplace. Together we shall investigate and identify means to prevent a range of unplanned failures that might occur within the world of work and formulate suitable regulations to prevent them in the future.

The Institute aims to provide technical and management advice, training programmes, resources and tools to industries and regulators for applying research findings at work sites.