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Thomas Ashton Institute for Risk and Regulatory Research

Programmes and projects

The Thomas Ashton Institute, working with colleagues from across The University of Manchester and beyond, are delivering a wide range of projects.

Keeping the UK Building Safely - KUBS

The Thomas Ashton Institute is working with stakeholders from the construction industry to deliver a scoping review and a proposal for a research programme that will help build a bio secure construction sector. The project, led by Professor Neil Bourne, is focused around five work packages, drawing colleagues from across the University and HSE.  This project has been commissioned as part of the PROTECT COVID-19 National Core Study on transmission and environment

PROTECT COVID-19 National Core Study on transmission and environment

This study, which forms part of the wider COVID-19 National Core Studies programme led by UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser Sr Patrick Vallance, is improving our understanding of how SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is transmitted from person to person, and how this varies in different settings and environments. This improved understanding will enable more effective measures to stop transmission, saving lives and getting society back towards 'normal'

Impact Accelerator Award

Working with Tended, a tech start-up company that designs wearable safety devices to bridge the gap between human error and safety behaviours, the project will develop a knowledge base, for research into the characteristics of safety cultures with a view to producing a diagnostic tool that will be as accurate as a psychometric test

Discovering Safety

The programme works with industry, academics and governments from the global community, generating bespoke solutions for local contexts, including the challenges faced in developing countries. Colleagues from The University of Manchester are delivering projects in text mining and construction risk knowledge management using BIM.

Health Science framework projects

  • Investigating the effectiveness of measures for controlling risks from exposure to polyhalite dust.
  • A survey of allergen exposure and health in the fish and shellfish processing.
  • Rapid evidence review of the methods and frequency for undertaking workplace respiratory health surveillance.
  • An occupational exposure-control intelligence system in GB.
  • Demographics rapid review.

Study to research role of delivery workers in preventing COVID-19 transmission

Professor Martie van Tongeren and Dr Hua Wei are leading a study into the role of gig workers and delivery supply chains in preventing disease transmission. The study will inform the UK’s policy making in social distancing and coordination of supply chains as a key component of national response to pandemics.

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