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Thomas Ashton Institute

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The Thomas Ashton Institute is a collaborative partnership between the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and The University of Manchester. It's an interdisciplinary research institute concerned with the understanding of failures that occur in the world of work leading to injury or ill-health.

As the work of the institute increases, we would like to ensure that our colleagues, stakeholders and people with a keen interest in risk and regulatory research, are kept up-to-date via our quarterly newsletter and receive information about our forthcoming events, workshops and seminars.

Please complete the form and let us know which areas of our research you are interested in. We will add you to our mailing list and send you our quarterly newsletter.

We have clustered our interests around five topic areas, to start conversations both within the partner organisations, industry and other stakeholders:

  • Safer Structures: How to continuously improve the safety and increase the resilience infrastructure and industries of today and tomorrow.
  • Social Change and Ageing: How changes in the way society works will impact safety.
  • Health and Wellbeing: How work and health outcomes are intimately interlinked, and what interventions can improve health outcomes
  • Resilience in Complex Systems: How complex systems can be designed and managed to be safer and more resilient.
  • Digitalisation of Work: How the digital revolution impacting society can be harnessed to continuously improve safety and health and be best employed to assure a resilient working world

Our vision is to draw on the combined knowledge and experience of The University of Manchester and HSE to deliver research, learning and regulatory insights that widen the global conversation to enable a better working world.